Powapal was started on January 10th 2007. When we found that people wanted to use a TV or DVD player or even charge a phone. When out fishing or camping  so we started with a motorbike battery  in a box that went well. Then we made it a lot smaller and now we have a 12v dc power supply that lasts for .
DVD Player: upto 10 hours

Portable TV: upto 12 hours
iPhone / Smartphones up to 50 Charges 
Older Mobile phone: up to 200 Full Charges
Handheld game consoles :up to 100 full charges
5 LED Strip Light: approx 120 hours
Powapal have solved the problem of portable power in outdoor locations where AC power is not available!
Outdoor adventurers, Campers & Anglers eager for a product (power), that can power household essential equipment such as TV's, Portable DVD Players, Mobile Phones and more can now be used anywhere like used indoor.
So, how to achieve this requirement? The Powapal Portable AC Power is the perfect solution for overcome above difficulties!
 It is the ideal solution of outdoor AC power supply and indoor emergency supply.
Powapal makes AC power everywhere possible!
Charging: When fully charged, the charger switches to trickle charge automatically, So can be left plugged in, and you are assured of a 100% charged Powapal whenever you need it
Suitable power for: TV, DVD Players, led lights,                     handheld game consoles, Cameras, Radios, Mobile phones
At Powapal  we listen to what people need and want in a portable 12v power pack the mk1 was a big hit with anglers and campers but some people wanted a Usb port so we come up with mk2 that has a 12v aux socket  1 Usb port and a power switch and also the 2.5 mm charger socket on the side can also be used as a 12v output as well  now


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