POWAPAL  Charging

Operating instructions

For all the Powapal range

Model pp500ma  for 12v lead –acid battery

This charger is specially designed for charging the powapal

1)    Connect the charger’s connector to the powapal correctly  To the 2.5mm socket on the side

2)    Plug charger into a standard household AC outlet. And charging starts

a full charge takes up to 12 hours

3)    When the battery is charged, the charger will switch to trickle charge automatically. Is operated in trickle charge state.

4)    When you finish recharging. Disconnect the unit from the AC outlet. Then disconnect the powapal from charger. Never disconnect the battery connector by pulling on the wires.

5)    Once the charger is disconnected from the AC outlet or the battery is disconnected from the charger; and it will be reset automatically and the next charging can be repeated immediately following the above steps. 


mk1 instruction manual pdf.pdf mk1 instruction manual pdf.pdf
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